Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Motorsports' Ugly Head Rises Again

When things go wrong in motorsport, they usually go horribly wrong.

Today, we had two incidents which again remind us about the dangers of motor racing. 

Maria de Villota , test driver for Marussia Formula 1 has sustained "life threatening injuries" while conducting straight line aerodynamic tests at Duxford airfield. Although in season testing is banned in Formula 1 , teams are allowed to carry several straight line aerodynamic tests privately. Teams do this primarily to reduce drag and sometimes give their test drivers a feel for a Formula 1 car. De Villota , who has yet to acquire a FIA Super Licence which enables a driver to race in Formula 1 , she was however primarily hired by the Marussia F1 Team to promote women drivers in Formula. 

In India, we mourned the death of Jatinder Shukla, who passed away on Sunday after an incident in the 3rd Jammu & Kashmir Mughal Rally.

Both these incidents will have a profound effect on the idea of women in Formula 1 and motor sport in general across India.

I wish Maria a speedy recovery and hope that we see her in a grand prix weekend soon ! 

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